Season 9

Stories of pain, passion, perseverance and the pursuit of something meaningful.

Season 8

Chasing hope of growth, change and justice in the lands of Aotearoa.

Season 7

A turning point for humanity. The revolution is here.

Season 6

Unlikely characters become the heroes in a powerful mix of realities.

Season 5

Remarkable New Zealanders make a big impact amidst personal discovery.

Season 4

Many voices, many perspectives. Bravely challenging ideas of sex, death, love and loss.

Season 3

The provoking of change, from deeply personal stories to major social and political issues.

Season 2

An eclectic bunch of unique interpretations. Art, humour, animals and mental health.

Season 1

Where it all began. Join Kiwis from all walks of life, unified by the theme of home.

Te Reo Māori