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The Initiative

Elevating the next generation of New Zealand documentary filmmakers.

As New Zealand’s premier documentary incubator, Loading Docs has been at the forefront of nurturing and supporting documentary filmmakers since 2014.

Our initiative is built on a world-class collaboration and mentorship model that has empowered nearly 200 filmmakers. These dedicated storytellers have gone on to produce feature documentaries and series acclaimed both locally and worldwide.

Our Approach

  • We offer extensive guidance to filmmakers, helping them produce short documentaries with international appeal.
  • At the heart of our program is mentorship, connecting filmmakers with experienced industry professionals and providing wrap around support.
  • Our selection process starts with a public call for submissions, from which we choose a group of filmmakers to realise their documentary concepts.
  • Participants then engage in a comprehensive professional development program, enhancing their skills in:
    • Story development
    • Fundraising
    • Documentary production and editing
    • Audience engagement
    • Marketing and distribution in a dynamic media landscape

Engagement Opportunities

  • We extend an annual invitation to emerging talents eager to join the documentary filmmaking scene. Sign up to our newsletter for announcements.

Our Endorsements

With the support of NZ On Air, The New Zealand Film Commission, and Te Māngai Pāho, Loading Docs stands recognized as a crucial contributor to the evolving narrative of New Zealand, offering a platform that transcends boundaries and forges connections through storytelling.