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E Blacks

Ashley Pitman / Rajneel Singh and Annamarie Connors
Running time: 17 mins

A passionate gamer leads his team in a battle to be New Zealand's first Esports competitors in the Commonwealth Games.

The thing Sam ‘Fury’ Johnson regrets most in life is wasting his time at university when he could’ve been focusing on his real passion: video gaming. Now he’s got an opportunity to redeem himself in the gaming world. If they can win the national championship and beat out Australia, he and his team will be on their way to represent New Zealand at the Commonwealth Esports Championships.

I don’t only feel like I’m learning DOTA. I’m learning more about myself as a person every day.Sam ‘Fury’ Johnson

Grit & Glory

Step into the arena, where determination meets ambition in a showcase of true fighting spirit and competitive drive.
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