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Why You Should Donate To Loading Docs

There’s less than a week left to donate to Loading Docs’s crowdfunding campaigns for Season 10! Each of our six filmmaking teams needs to raise a minimum of $5,000 in all-or-nothing campaigns. This will then unlock further funding and support from the initiative. Here are 5 reasons to donate:


Loading Docs are made for you. By donating and sharing a campaign to your social media, you can say “I helped make this documentary!”. Without your donation, big or small, our projects can’t get made. The more they raise the better chance they have of making an amazing short documentary. So, get involved, and play your part in a landmark season of Loading Docs.

Back the arts

It’s a difficult time for the arts. Artists need to support each other now more than ever. That’s why we’re crowdfunding on Boosted, Aotearoa’s only platform dedicated to getting homegrown art off the ground. By supporting one of our Loading Docs projects, you’re backing the arts industry in New Zealand and helping filmmakers access funding that is hard to come by.


All of Loading Docs’ 80 films from the past decade are free to watch here on That’s a whole lot of documentary for audiences to access and enjoy. Why not donate the equivalent price of a cinema ticket or month of streaming for unlimited Loading Docs and a brand-new season which will be released later this year.


If the teams don’t reach their crowdfunding goal their project won’t get made. It’s essential that the kindness of donors help them get there. Be rewarded for your good deed as all donations to Boosted qualify for a 33% tax credit.

Giving back

Loading Docs has a rich history of mentoring emerging filmmakers that go on to enjoy long and successful careers in film. By supporting a project today, you might well be helping to create the next generation of New Zealand filmmakers – help they won’t forget. Support Loading Docs, support the arts, and support filmmakers today.

Thank you to those who have already donated and those who plan to donate! Please share this post and encourage others to do the same.