Three-minute shorts showcase NZ’s diversity

Dancing coffin-makers, an artist who sells ‘surreal estate’, a takatāpui activist redefining Pride and the world’s cutest kea conservation dog: this year’s collection of three-minute shorts released by New Zealand documentary platform Loading Docs (produced by the good folk at Notable Pictures) showcases what a diverse bunch Kiwis are!

The collection also highlights the creativity of the filmmakers who have embraced the challenge of telling a meaningful story in just three minutes.

Watch the latest collection, including He Kākano Ahau – From The Spaces In Between (pictured), produced by Jaimee Poipoi.


WIFT Members Among The Loading Docs 2015 Filmmakers, Looking to Get Boosted

logoThis year we have four talented WIFT members, across three different projects, successful in landing themselves a Loading Docs slot.

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Loading Docs Launches for 2014

logoLoading Docs producers Anna Jackson and Julia Parnell chose a three-minute format for the documentaries because they wanted the films to be easily viewed and shared online and on mobile devices where viewers favour short form content.

“The three-minute format presented our filmmakers with a really tough challenge, but it also pushed them to be creative and original in their approach to documentary storytelling”, says Loading Docs producer Julia Parnell.  Read more