Dunedin Doco Helps Wrestler Rediscover Mojo

header_logo-1After years of neglecting his passion, a Dunedin wrestler is back in the ring.

Producer Veronica Harwood-Stevenson said the three-minute wrestling documentary Wilbur Force was filmed in Dunedin and Central Otago over three cold June days.

”We had weather was that was not conducive to wearing Lycra,” Ms Harwood-Stevenson said.

”It was freezing,” actor and wrestler Wilbur McDougall said.

The documentary premiered at the International Film Festival in Auckland last month and can be watched online.

The film had been well received, Ms Harwood-Stevenson said.

”People love it.”  Read more

‘Taboo Subject’ Documentary to be Filmed

header_logo-1 A woman who feels she received the wrong treatment in a Dunedin psychiatric unit in the 1980s is to be the subject of a new documentary.

Former Dunedin resident Mary O’Hagan, speaking to the Otago Daily Times from New York recently before she appeared at a mental health conference, will appear in the three-minute documentary Madness Made Me.

Ms O’Hagan (56), now of Wellington, was born and raised in Winton and moved to Dunedin in 1976, aged 17, to study at the University of Otago.  Read more

Big Man Body Slam Part of City Doco

header_logo-1Dunedin film-makers are raising funds to make a short documentary about a man wrestling to hold on to the best of himself.

Director J. Ollie Lucks said he would act in the three minute short documentary Wilbur Force with his friend Wilbur McDougall.  Read more