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The Crossroads: Le Māgafā

Sani Sagala / Aaron Taouma
Running time: 3 mins

At the crossroads of past and present, Kas Futialo confronts his journey, weaving Sāmoan heritage into hip-hop to enlighten futures.

Set in Faleasi’u village in Sāmoa, we meet young Kas at the crossroads, a place he would often visit to collect his thoughts and where he would dream of the world outside. Kas, now an award-winning New Zealand hip hop artist, poetically reflects on the four elements of hip hop and how they have influenced his desire to take his music, language and culture to the world stage.

We meet the four Kas’s: Spiritual, Cultural, Creative and the Everyday at the four roads a representation of past, present, future and the neutral meeting point of all time and space.

Season 5

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