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Beneath the Surface

Beneath The Surface

A world champion swimmer reveals the hidden truth driving her success, while preparing for her next challenge, the Commonwealth Games.

The victim of a hit-and-run and feeling alienated because of her culture, Tupou Neiufi has every reason to be angry. Deep in the pool she harnesses that emotion to prove herself on the world stage. She is defying the odds but the battle for equality continues.


Dir: Gill Higgins | Prod: Vea Mafile’o, Sarah Stewart

E Blacks

The E Blacks

Kiwi video gamers fight for the chance to represent their country in Esports at the Commonwealth Games.

The battle is on! For the first time ever, Esports will be included in a major international sporting event with dedicated video gamers vying to represent New Zealand. Sam ‘Fury’ Johnson and Lucy ‘Yculstranger’ Tam strive to take out titles in fantasy battle game DOTA 2. They must level up as athletes, to fight for a place at the Birmingham Games and prove they can compete at a world-class level.


Dir: Ashley Pitman | Prod: Rajneel Singh, Annamarie Connors


Fast Eddie

Fast Eddie

In preparation for a seemingly unachievable cycle trip, a filmmaker and her father attempt to find the joy amongst the grief that his life threatening diagnosis brings.

Former life-of-the-party Eddie lost his joy with his diagnosis. His daughter wants to bring it back. Follow the journey of filmmaker Keely and her cyclist father as they prepare for their greatest adventure, to cycle the Lake Dunstan track. However, four years ago Eddie was diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy, a fatal neurological disease that has taken away his voice, mobility and quality of life.


Dir: Keely Meechan | Prod: Isobelle Walton, Virginia Wickham


He Ohaki - Imparting Words of Wisdom

He Ōhākī – Imparting Words of Wisdom

For tribal people, knowing who you are and where you come from gives life, meaning and purpose. When that’s denied, we are lost.

The youngest daughter of the late John Te Rangiāniwaniwa Rangihau will take you behind the wall of Pūao Te Ata Tū to share her father’s imparting words of wisdom to the young people of Tūhoe. At night in the wharenui, Kararaina unravels how her father led the team to capture the most damning body of evidence of institutional racism New Zealand has ever seen, the Day Break Report 1988. His vision was a New Zealand society all our future descendants – Māori and Pākehā – could be proud of.


Dir: Kararaina Rangihau | Prod: Ruth Kaupua, Kelly Davis

Shred - Bodybuilding


Bodybuilding pushes the pursuit of looking good to the extreme. If you had the opportunity to reach physical perfection, would you take it?

TikTok and Instagram have amplified the sport of Bodybuilding as a new generation pursue the perfect body. Many young men now feel pressure to live up to an unattainable physique. Follow male bodybuilders as they prepare to compete in a local competition. In a sport where big is never big enough, when do you stop?


Dir: Harry Wynn | Prod: Lesley Hansen

Testimony - Dawn Raids


A 50-year-old family secret makes national news when a Tongan man finally speaks out about his experience of the dawn raids.

Set to give evidence at the first Pacific Hearing for the Abuse in Care Inquiry, a Tongan man must relive the part he played in his parent’s arrest during the dawn raids. Grappling with shame and regret, can he learn to let go of his guilt and share the truth of what really happened to his family 50 years ago?


Dir: Alice Lolohea | Prod: Sandra Kailahi

Mana over Meth

Mana Over Meth

A wahine toa finds light in the darkest of places, but the damage remains.

Facing the harsh reality of living her worst nightmare, Jess was left with two choices: ‘the pipe’ or her tamariki. Methamphetamine took Jess’ wairua once. How can she ensure it won’t happen again? No longer a slave to the ‘p’ pipe, she is now on a relentless mission to reconcile the past and break the cycle of addiction for others. As she takes an emotional journey home, Jess must embody mana not trauma.


Dir: Holly Beckham | Prod: Holly Beckham, Jason Crane

Believing is seeing

Believing Is Seeing

With the help of Dr Robert Bartholomew we explore the mysterious phenomenon of psychogenic illness to discover – can social media make us sick?

New technologies often attract health worries – bicycles, telephony and television all caused panic at one time. More recently there’s been 5G worriers and tin foil hat wearers fending off electro-magnetic waves at parliament. Dr Bartholomew argues this technological anxiety is a stress response called psychogenic illness. Chances are you’ve suffered it and maybe even spread it!


Dir: Sophie Black | Prod: Nikhil Madhan