A social media fight over sexism is the last straw for the liberal daughter of a chauvinistic father.

The youngest daughter of an old fashioned father can no longer accept their irreconcilable differences. Revisiting her Filipino upbringing to find out why her Dad is the way he is, she must decide whether to cut him out of her life for good.

“Even if you hate me, I will never hate you.” –  Gus

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Director: Mia Maramara

Mia is a Filipino-born filmmaker with work that has screened both locally and internationally. Her passion for authentic, trailblazing stories has led her to wear different hats in the industry, most notably as a writer, director, and producer. She wrote and directed the NZOA-funded horror TV episode ‘Albularyo’ for TV2, which is the first-ever Filipino-led drama on New Zealand broadcast. She most recently produced ‘Table for One’, a documentary about table tennis legend Chunli Li, as part of Loading Docs.

Producer: Kate Goodwin

Kate Goodwin has produced all forms of animated content across the world. Learning her trade from companies such as Passion Pictures and Method Studios she specialises in working with directors and creators to develop narrative-driven stories with a mixed media approach. Her most recent work includes music videos for Benee and the Phoenix Foundation as well as working with global clients such as Niantic and Microsoft to craft visually engaging projects.