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A Loading Docs Guide to the Vibrant Lives, Bold Stories Playlist

Dive into a world of extraordinary narratives with the “Vibrant Lives, Bold Stories” playlist on Loading Docs. This curated collection of short documentaries showcases unique individuals and their compelling journeys – something the Loading Docs catalogue is synonymous with. Here’s a guide to what you can expect from an unmissable playlist:

How Mr and Mrs Gock Saved the Kumara

Discover how two young Chinese refugees in the 1940s transformed New Zealand’s agriculture by saving the almighty kumara, as a heartfelt way to repay their new home.


Mister Sunshine

Meet Auckland’s beloved shoeshine man, a former millionaire who traded wealth for the joy of spreading goodwill and cheer across the city.

The Coffin Club

This documentary follows a group of creative Kiwi seniors who tackle the taboo of death head-on, designing their own personalised, vibrant coffins.


Asian Men Talk About Sex

Eight Asian men challenge cultural stereotypes by openly discussing their experiences and perspectives on sex, love, and dating in a candid and thought-provoking film.



Follow the emotional journey of Wayne, a man with limited communication skills, as he navigates the complexities of love and romance.


Operation: RAMBU!

Delve into the life of a Kiwi who once starred in B-list action films as the ‘Indonesian Rambo’ and is now attempting a dramatic comeback.

Believing is Seeing

This documentary explores a mysterious outbreak of tic disorders among youth, sparking debates on the potential impact of social media on mental health.


Fantasy Cave

Witness the dedication of cave dwellers who create a whimsical fantasyland. The film questions whether their efforts are truly for the children or driven by their own passions.


Conversations with Pets

Imagine being able to converse with your pet. Faye Rogers claims to do just that, offering a fascinating glimpse into the world of animal communication.

My Breakup with God

Follow the journey of a devoted Christian who leaves the Church to embrace a path of sexual freedom, navigating the challenges and discoveries along the way.


Each short documentaries offer a unique perspective on life, culture and the human spirit. Whether you’re interested in heartwarming stories, cultural insights, or thought-provoking topics, the ‘Vibrant Lives, Bold Stories’ playlist has something for everyone. Explore these captivating narratives today and get inspired by the resilience and creativity of the people featured.

Look out for Season 10 of Loading Docs, coming later this year.