March 31, 2015 Loading Docs

You did it!

LD Connect Cover Photo

Today (Tuesday) marks the last day of crowd-funding and all 10 documentary shorts are funded with one day to spare. Hooray!
It has been an adrenaline fuelled month with some projects galloping far beyond their funding goals and some taking it down to the wire. Congrats to every team. Your persistence has paid off.

Thank you also to all the supporters who have offered social shares, tweets, moral support and of course, cash. Our appreciation knows no bounds.

Now it is time to focus forward and with much excitement we move on to the next phase.


We will be keeping you up-to-date on the progress of the documentaries during production and offering some insight into the behind-the-scenes worlds of the stories. Plus we have a few surprises up our sleeve for the coming months so stand-by for some thrilling developments and invitations.