Director: Himiona Grace Producer: Anahera Parata

The lone resident of a sinking island watches in despair as the effects of climate change slowly encroach on his island paradise. But what can one person do to counteract a global crisis? How can he stop the waves?

Karl Webber lives on an island. It is a bush covered jewel on the South East of Kāpiti Island. Many people have landed and settled there. Iwi, whalers, sealers and traders are all part of its colourful history.

Now Karl is the sole occupant and over the past ten years he has noticed the increased effect our consumer lifestyle, and climate change, has had on the island. Plastic from fishing boats and the mainland wash up on shore. This year the water temperature rose to 22C, the highest ever recorded. And each year the waves reach further and further up onto the land. They have washed away the small banks exposing whale bones that have been buried there since the early 1800s. With its rich history there will be artefacts buried in the land. People have lived, died and been buried on this island too. The rising tides are a very real threat.

But how can Karl stop waves? He can’t stand on the shore and hold his hands up. He can’t build a wall around the island.

Climate change is the biggest threat we face on a global scale. So what can one person on a small island do to try and turn things around?

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