Loading Docs Terms & Conditions 2021

• All applicants must be New Zealand residents.

• There is no entry fee to apply.
• Applications from current students will not be considered unless expressly invited by the organisers.
• Applicants must submit all of the requested materials at time of entry for their projects to be considered.
• Successful applicants must agree to enter into a license agreement with Notable Pictures Ltd. If a project declines to sign the license agreement Loading Docs will select an alternative project to take their place.
• The license shall provide Loading Docs with the exclusive right to distribute each film worldwide for FOUR years, however, copyright in the material shall remain with the filmmaker.
• As all films will be made freely available, financial recoupment is not the focus of the initiative, however, provision for filmmakers to share in recoupment directly attributed to their documentary will be included in the license.
• Successful applicants must attend a two-day creative workshop in February 2021, take part in a crowdfunding campaign March/April 2021, and attend one-day edit and distribution workshops. Failure to be able to do so may result in your project being withdrawn. Basic travel assistance and accommodation may be offered to those projects with filmmakers living outside the location of the workshops.
• Director, producer and editor must all be based in New Zealand during the Loading Docs 2021 timeline.
• Filmmakers will need to operate at least one social media account to promote their documentary.
• Any submitted information and material, along with personal contact details of the applicant, will not be published or passed on to third parties that are not affiliated with Loading Docs.
• In respect of the successful filmmakers, Loading Docs may publish such information and material that is reasonable, including as part of any marketing or promotional activities related to Loading Docs now or in the future. By submitting an application, and any such information and material, you are deemed to be granting Loading Docs a license for such purpose, and warrant that the use of such information and material by Loading Docs, as provided for in these Terms & Conditions, will not breach the rights of any third party.
• All applications and any other related information and material submitted will be held by Loading Docs for such period of time as Loading Docs, acting reasonably, believes is necessary and Loading Docs is not required to return or destroy any such information and material.
• Entry and participation of projects implies unconditional acceptance of these Terms & Conditions and the other matters outlined in this call for proposals.
• The selection committee decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the outcome including the delivery of feedback.
• The organisers reserve the right to change any part of these Terms & Conditions and the other matters outlined in this call for proposals at any time and without notification and continued participation in the Loading Docs initiative thereafter will be deemed acceptance of such changes.

Deadline for Loading Docs submissions is 4 pm, Monday 14 December 2020.

See more at: loadingdocs.net/submit