Tihei: The Kiwi Freestyle Rapper


Loading Docs is a New-Zealand production company that helps nurture local talent. They work with filmmakers who aim to captivate audiences with stories strong enough to be told within three minutes.

At heart, this particular documentary is a story about the different ways we feel comfortable to communicate.

For Tihei it’s through freestyle rap. The moment he starts singing you can see his confidence rise. It’s incredible to believe he can string together the rhythm and rhymes on the spot.

But that’s just the surface of the story.

As you listen into what Tihei has to say, you become aware of the struggles he has faced and you can’t help but appreciate the beauty in the freedom of freestyle rap.

You can watch more from the guys at Loading Docs over here.

via The Huffington Post Australia

Wilbur Force: The Comeback Of A New-Zealand Wrestling Legend


Loading Docs is a New-Zealand initiative producing 3-minute short documentaries with the aim of captivating and inspiring audiences around the world.

In this video, director J.Ollie Lucks’ tells the story of former NZ-pro wrestler and close mate Wilbur Force who is looking to reconnect with his glory days.

Witness the not-so-gentle ribbing between friends as Lucks’ pushes Wilbur to get his life back together while the former-wrestling star resists his mates encouragement and criticisms of laziness.

You can see more from the team at Loading Docs by visiting here.

via The Huffington Post Australia