January 12, 2024 Loading Docs

Submit to Loading Docs 2024


Loading Docs submissions are open for 2024. NZ-based filmmakers have to opportunity to submit a proposal for the chance to be part of the acclaimed short documentary initiative of Aotearoa New Zealand. Selected filmmakers will be awarded funding and receive high-level development support and mentorship from respected industry experts. Our guiding theme for this year is ‘Attention’ – ‘Te kimihanga, te hahaunga’, challenging you to uncover and showcase the unseen beauty and potential in our complex surroundings


With a legacy of over 80 compelling stories that have captivated 19 million viewers worldwide, Loading Docs has been a catalyst for the careers of more than 100 filmmakers. It could be your narrative that captivates us next. To submit, download the Loading Docs Application Pack, which includes; the full RFP, submission form and terms & conditions. Here you’ll learn more about the initiative, find the intended production schedule and be able to complete the submission form. The deadline for applying is Feb 12.


  • Personal journeys of victory and sorrow, infused with an unexpected twist or perspective, and surpassing a traditional character biography.  
  • Environmental sagas with a potent call-to-action. 
  • Insightful explorations of technology’s dual impact on our lives: its intimidating advancements and its potential for significant societal benefit. 
  • Historical narratives that present a surprising point of view of a well-known event or issue.  
  • Fresh takes on current news, challenging viewers to step outside their echo chambers. 
  • Extraordinary access to hard-to-reach places or subjects. 
  • Unique access to remarkable individuals or groups, with significant profiles and unique outlooks.  


Kei ngā arero pounamu, kei ngā ringa whatu kōrero, kia kawea tātou e te reo – whītiki tauā.

Kia Māori ake nei ngā kōrero ka rukuhia, ngā pakipūmeka ka hangaia.  E hiahia ana kia kitea te tino wairua Māori o roto – ngā tirohanga, ngā uara, ngā kōrero katoa, kia kounga, kia rangatira, me ko Māui Tinihanga. Ko te aho matua e whāia ana e tēnei terenga ko te ‘Attention – Te kimihanga, te hahaunga’.  I ētahi wā e tika ana kia tūngia te ururua kia tupu whakaritorito ai te tupu o te harakeke.  Tēnā, rukuhia te rētōtanga o te kaupapa, kia hua mai ai ko te māramatanga me te tirohanga e ai ki tā te Māori titiro ki te ao.

Loading Docs is dedicated to championing Māori voices and worldviews within our storytelling framework. This includes providing specific opportunities for projects in te reo Māori.

  • Loading Docs is seeking a minimum of two projects that are conveyed through te reo Māori
    • At least one documentary is to be completed entirely in te reo Māori.
    • At least one other with a minimum of 30% te reo Māori dialogue.

These may engage audiences with the ethos and aspirations fundamental to the Māori worldview. However, stories told in te reo Māori need not be limited to explicit explorations of cultural themes.


As we embark on this year’s creative journey, the guiding theme is intended to illuminate the path for our Director/Producer teams. To support the success of your application, it is imperative to demonstrate adherence to the criteria outlined above. This will enable our selection committee to clearly envision the potential of your documentary and its alignment with this year’s theme.

Submit to Loading Docs by February 12. If you have any further questions or issues with the Loading Docs Application Pack, please contact us here.