April 7, 2021 Loading Docs

5 Reasons to Donate

Loading Docs invites audiences to get behind the crowdfunding stage by supporting the creation of important Aotearoa stories. Here are 5 reasons why you should donate:

  1. Back the arts: We’re crowdfunding on Boosted, the home of creative crowdfunding. They’re Aotearoa’s only platform dedicated to getting homegrown art off the ground. So by supporting one of our Loading Docs projects, you’re supporting the whole initiative and documentary-making in New Zealand.

  2. Be part of the project: To donate is to say “I helped make this documentary!” Without your donation, big or small, our projects can’t get made. The more they raise the better chance they have of making an amazing short film. You can keep up with the entire production from start to finish on our social channels.

  3. Giving back: Most of our filmmakers are emerging filmmakers and will use Loading Docs as a launchpad to a long career in film. Help create the next generation of filmmakers.

  4. Loading Docs are FREE: When our collection of eight new short documentaries are created, they will be available for FREE on www.loadingdocs.net! Some people donate the price of a cinema ticket or Netflix subscription and watch for free later in the year.

  5. All-or-nothing: If the teams don’t reach their crowdfunding goal their project won’t get made! Your donations are tax deductable.