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Queer Selfies – A Short Documentary Exploring ‘Home’

What does home mean to you? Maybe it’s your house, maybe it’s your childhood town, maybe it’s your partner or friends, maybe it’s something else altogether?

Filmmakers Robyn Paterson & Paula Boock have been together for sixteen years, but are working together for the very first time on this amazing project – Queer Selfies

“In this piece we really wanted to experiment with the idea of an unguided interview,” Robyn writes, “allowing people the opportunity to speak directly to an unmanned camera, at their own pace and in their own words. I’m interested in how candid and how diverse the responses are when people get to control their own interviews like this, in a ‘selfie’ type setting.”

The idea of home can sometimes be painful to think about it – especially for the queer and trans* community, who so often struggle to find a place where they fit easily. To see the ways in which different concepts of ‘home’ are formed in this short clip is both moving and thought-provoking.

In the space of three minutes, Queer Selfies delivers a window into the ways that people cope and the things they hold close to them. It’s worth a watch, and leaves you thinking about your own definitions.

What does ‘home’ mean to you?

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