Sylvie, Rose and Anonymous work across hospitality and disability caregiving in demanding, unforgiving and at times abusive environments.


A statement from the director

Minimum started its life in 2015 with a research grant from the Emerging Artists Trust, who supported me to interview 14 women on-camera about their work experiences.

With a further grant from Wellington City Council’s Creative Communities Scheme, I was able to bring a team of animators on board to make the first ‘pilot episode’, which eventually launched this entire series.

I’m so glad to be able to present some of those original research interviews, filmed two years ago now, within the final Minimum series. Combining that interview footage with animation was a loving experiment and I’m grateful to those early supporters who allowed me to discover the best way to share these important stories.

Finally, a huge thank you to NZ On Air, RNZ, Notable Pictures, and Loading Docs who made my dreams come true by agreeing to produce, fund and share Minimum as a complete series. It’s been a really beautiful journey and I know these stories will travel further still.

Thank you for watching.

-Kathleen Winter.