Stories from women on the front line of minimum wage employment.

Minimum is a powerful documentary series combining animation with factual interviews. Each short piece shares stories from women of all ages, ethnicities and sexualities working in precarious, underappreciated and minimum wage jobs in Aotearoa.

As New Zealand nears the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage, the struggle for equality continues for so many women – Minimum gives them a voice.

Presented with humour, power and honesty, Minimum highlights women’s experiences in minimum-wage or undervalued work, demonstrating their strength and resilience.
Minimum asks the viewer: Is this okay?

Minimum started its life in 2015 with a research grant from the Emerging Artists Trust, who supported Kathleen to interview 14 women on-camera about their work experiences.

With a further grant from Wellington City Council’s Creative Communities Scheme,  Kathleen was able to bring a team of animators on board to make a ‘pilot episode’, which eventuated into becoming the tenth episode of the series

Minimum was funded by NZ On Air and produced for RNZ by Notable Pictures and with the support of Loading Docs.