September 15, 2020 Loading Docs


Loading Docs is proud to announce Te Wao Nui has been selected for the 21st imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival, the world’s largest presenter of Indigenous screen content.

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Kauri are dying. A traditional Māori healer has one last chance to save an entire forest, one tree at a time.

A devastating disease threatens to destroy Aotearoa’s last remaining Kauri trees. Standing in the way of losing these prehistoric giants forever is a Māori healer. Tohe Ashby is looking for answers held within the ancient knowledge of the first nations of Aotearoa – mātauranga Māori. Discover the roots of indigenous medicine in a final bid to save the last of these great trees. E ara! Ka tangi te Kauri.

Ringatohu/Kaitohu: Ngāriki Ngatae

Kaihautū: Karen Sidney