July 9, 2019 Loading Docs

Happy Family Night Market

One special Loading Doc hits the big apple this week with a screening of ‘East Meets East’ at Happy Family Night Market, in New York City.

HFNM is an annual event that celebrates the Asian diaspora through food, art, and education.

When: Saturday 13th July

Location: The Abrons Arts Center, 466 Grand St, New York, NY

Tickets: Click here

‘East Meets East’ explores the honest musings of a Chinese grandmother, bringing an unseen community into the spotlight.

79-year-old Fang Ruzhen immigrated to Auckland to help raise her grandchildren. Seventeen years on, English is still a foreign language, but she has found community with other elderly Chinese grandparents through her daily ritual of riding the bus to the Asian supermarkets of East Auckland.

Meet a group rendered invisible not only by their migrant status but also by their age. This is an often-untold perspective of those who do not assimilate but nevertheless are as much New Zealanders as they are Chinese.