October 19, 2020 Loading Docs

Loading Docs 2021




Are you interested in making a Loading Docs documentary? Now is the time to start researching ideas for a short film of up to eight minutes.

‘Tūmanako/Hope’ has been chosen as the theme. Creators are asked to seek out contemporary stories that will surprise and inspire. Ideas that transport audiences on powerful and emotional journeys. People who incite understanding, progression and social change.

Loading Docs wants to see ideas that take a myriad of approaches on the documentary form, from comedy to investigation to impact documentaries.

Crucially we are looking for stories that embrace contrast and conflict to dig deep into the truth of character and plot – whether that means confronting fears, asking hard questions of subjects or pushing the limits of the documentary genre.

With the full request for proposals imminent, Loading Docs is looking for expressions of interest from committed storytellers to participate in Loading Docs 2021. The team is ready and open to take calls and conversations to help teams move towards submission.

See the 2020 collection for inspiration.

Please email your interest to [email protected] with the subject heading ‘I want to make a Loading Docs’ and tell us why you want to be involved.