A passionate conservationist and his canine companion fight together to save New Zealand’s kea.

Ajax is a story of fear and hope for New Zealand’s unique wildlife told through the relationship of conservationist Corey and Ajax, his highly-trained border collie cross, as they voyage into remote and challenging parts of the New Zealand countryside to track down the world’s only mountain parrot, New Zealand’s endangered kea.

Travel with these two friends as they brave the elements and manage the disappointments, in the hope that together they can make a difference in the fight for kea survival.



Director Michael Weatherall

Michael is a cinematographer, editor and motion graphics artist, who first studied film making in 2010 before getting more involved behind the camera, working for the past five years on weddings, music videos and short films. He is set on becoming a documentary filmmaker, focusing on social causes facing our changing world.

His first love is filming and his second New Zealand, voyaging out into challenging terrain, sleeping in tents barely clinging onto mountainsides being hounded in gale force winds in search of that perfect shot.


Producer Cecilia Shand

Cecilia’s passion for the arts run through many different formats, from clothing design to DJ’ing, and with Ajax is making her first foray into the world of film production. She enjoys showing people another side to the world they live in which they may not have yet encountered.


In New Zealand, the kea is one of many native animals facing extinction. Through this documentary, filmed in the kea’s natural habitat of the beautiful South Island, we want to show that this cheeky bird and New Zealand icon must be saved.

The unique relationship Corey has with Ajax, who he has trained since a puppy to follow him into the wild New Zealand outdoors and seek out kea, exemplifies those who wish to save this bird: dedicated, passionate, and determined.

The Loading Docs platform is the perfect vehicle for this film, and the team’s passion for storytelling has coached us to bring Corey and Ajax’s story to light in a compelling and succinct way, which will reach a wide audience through its accessible and renowned platform.

After watching our film we hope our audience comes out more aware of the extraordinary efforts of the few kea conservationists, and what is required to keep the kea around for generations to come.

Find out how you can help by visiting Kea Conservation Trust