March 21, 2019 Loading Docs

5.5 Million Views

Loading Docs 2019

One week before we introduce our new wave of 2019 filmmakers, we reach a new milestone of 5.5 million views of our Loading Docs collection. That’s more than the population of New Zealand.

Thank you for watching and sharing our stories. They have been shown on TVNZ, Air New Zealand, Māori TV, The Great Big Story, Upworthy, National Geographic, Huffington Post, dozens more, in your homes, on your phones and all around the world. Know someone who hasn’t seen them? Send ’em your favourite and we’ll meet you at the 6 million mark!

Can’t wait for you to see our 2019 collection and new theme of ‘power’ later this year. Until then, stick around for some big news on Wednesday…