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Loading Docs: Tūmanako / Hope


In another unpredictable year of social and political adversity, Loading Docs’ new collection of eight short documentaries provide hopeful viewpoints from the lands and seas of Aotearoa. From laughter and to tears, the Tūmanako/Hope collection will bring audiences together amidst the most divisive and isolating period of our generation.

From an emotional story about a life-challenging decision in ‘Fifty Percent’, asking how you would live if you had a 50% chance of death? To approaching cultural appropriation with humour in ‘HAKA haha’. And on to one man risking his freedom in ‘The Scam’ taking us on a wild true-crime tale.


The ScamThe ultimate scam lures an elderly beekeeper around the world in this wild true-crime tale.

When Nobody Was Looking – An entomologist takes on the 1970s New Zealand Government uncovering institutional racism and child abuse.

Fifty PercentWith a 50% chance of inheriting a fatal disease, is it better to know your future or live in the moment?

Night RideWhen a mother of ten returns nightly to the old family home to feed stray cats, her son questions its connection to the death of his brother.

Wind Song and RainHone Tuwhare, New Zealand’s most famous Māori poet, leaves a legacy to the granddaughter he left behind. To reconnect, she writes a love letter to the world.

The WeedfishThe hunt for an elusive fish in New Zealand’s disappearing kelp forests sends two marine scientists on a deep underwater dive.

Only HumanA social media fight over sexism is the last straw for the liberal daughter of a chauvinistic father.

HAKA hahaThere’s cultural appropriation in the air as kaka haka are debated by the people of Aotearoa. 

Loading Docs is a Notable Pictures initiative with support from NZ On Air, alongside the New Zealand Film Commission and Te Māngai Pāho.

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