Popular documentary initiative Loading Docs has announced the ten short documentaries it has chosen to produce this year.

Over its five years Loading Docs has become increasingly popular with filmmakers looking at getting their projects funded, created and distributed.

This year the chosen theme was ‘Impact’ which saw pitches on everything from a profile on a female stock car driver, a look at English Baptist on a mission from God to ‘decolonise’ the minds of New Zealanders and a portrait of the lone resident living on a sinking island.

But before production on these, and the other seven, documentaries can begin their pitches must raise $2000 on the crowdfunding platform Boosted. Organisers of Loading Docs believe this develops a strong relationship between the filmmakers and the audience.

Stock car driver Brooke is profiled in She Speeds, one of the 2018 Loading Docs films.


Once they hit the $2000 goal Local Docs then kicks in an additional $4450 plus a post-production package to get the filmmakers over the finish line and get their films made.

Julia Parnell and Anna Jackson, the founders of Loading Docs, say they are excited by the thought provoking pitches they received by hopeful filmmakers.

“Every year we are completely blown away by how these talented documentaries come up with original, brave and captivating ideas and them into these perfectly formed little cinematic gems.”

Animal rights fighters in Cube of Truth, one of the 2018 Loading Docs films.


The completed films, which all run three-minutes, will be available to watch online.

The crowdfunding pages for this year’s ten docos can be found at boosted.org. Previous documentaries made through the Loading Docs initiative are available to watch at loadingdocs.net as well as on TVNZ OnDemand.