Crystal Palace’s Dr Frankensteins

logo_2A mystery in the Mt Eden landscape for locals and visitors alike, the Crystal Palace on its face appears a dilapidated cinema. The only thing I personally had been able to discern from walking past it everyday over the last three years was that it seemed to be used as a clubhouse for cult followers of ‘The Room’.

Three guys are looking to unveil the mystery. Karl Sheridan, Robin Gee, and Taylor MacGregor are each part of Monster Valley, a production company that works on all things creative (seriously, all things – their website shows they work across film, events, photography and community arts projects). The method is the doco Please Open, a title gleaned from the small flaking gold lettering on the front door, doubling as an imperative to bring the space back to life.  Read more

Kiwi Answer to Disneyland in Dannevirke Fantasy Cave

Stuff+logoA film-maker is returning to make a documentary on Dannevirke’s Fantasy Cave, more than 20 years after he first visited.

Matt Henley first came across the cave as a 10-year-old and has returned with co-producer Michelle Savill to create the short documentary.

The documentary on “New Zealand’s answer to Disneyland” is one of 10 short documentaries created through Loading Docs, an initiative aimed at collating a range of diverse film styles and subjects.  Read more

‘Taboo Subject’ Documentary to be Filmed

header_logo-1 A woman who feels she received the wrong treatment in a Dunedin psychiatric unit in the 1980s is to be the subject of a new documentary.

Former Dunedin resident Mary O’Hagan, speaking to the Otago Daily Times from New York recently before she appeared at a mental health conference, will appear in the three-minute documentary Madness Made Me.

Ms O’Hagan (56), now of Wellington, was born and raised in Winton and moved to Dunedin in 1976, aged 17, to study at the University of Otago.  Read more