‘Baba’, An Animated Interview with a Grandfather Who Immigrated to New Zealand from Turkey in 1951

imgres“Baba” is an animated short by music video director Joel Kefali based on interviews with his grandfather, Sol, who immigrated to New Zealand from Turkey in 1951. The film features snippets of conversations to paint a picture of what the country was like when the 84-year-old first moved there.

via The Laughing Squid 

Short Films Long Enough for Human Truth

nz-herald-logoThe story of Loading Docs began in 2010. Julia Parnell was a documentary producer striking out on her own with a new company called Notable Pictures, seeking new opportunities to make creative documentaries, inspired by the possibilities online.

I had just started my PhD in Melbourne, where I was exploring multi-platform and trans-media documentary production. Here in New Zealand we seemed very far behind, slow to embrace the opportunities of online content.  Read more

Queer Selfies – A Short Documentary Exploring ‘Home’

What does home mean to you? Maybe it’s your house, maybe it’s your childhood town, maybe it’s your partner or friends, maybe it’s something else altogether?

Filmmakers Robyn Paterson & Paula Boock have been together for sixteen years, but are working together for the very first time on this amazing project – Queer SelfiesRead more

Ten New Zealand Documentary Shorts Available Online

nbr-logo-ogFollowing the premiere screening at Auckland’s Academy Cinemas of 10 new documentary films this week, the films will be available to view and share on the Loading Docs website.

Representing a diverse range of subjects and filmmaking styles, the films explore unique aspects of “home” and showcase the filmmaking talents of some of New Zealand’s finest filmmakers: Aidee Walker and Alexander Gandar (Catkiller); Joel Kefali and Amber Easby (Dans); Andrew Scott (Homing); Zoe McIntosh (Living Like Kings); Robyn Paterson and Paula Boock (Queer Selfies); Greg Jennings and Jack Nicol (Stop/Go); Alex Sutherland and Rebekah Kelly (The Jump); Tim Worrall and Aaron Smart (The Road to Whakarae); Prisca Bouchet and Nick Mayow (Today); Kirsty Griffin and Vivienne Kernick (Wayne).  Read more

Loading Docs Launches for 2014

logoLoading Docs producers Anna Jackson and Julia Parnell chose a three-minute format for the documentaries because they wanted the films to be easily viewed and shared online and on mobile devices where viewers favour short form content.

“The three-minute format presented our filmmakers with a really tough challenge, but it also pushed them to be creative and original in their approach to documentary storytelling”, says Loading Docs producer Julia Parnell.  Read more