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Did you know that the kumara came dangerously close to extinction? As this micro-documentary from Felicity Morgan-Rhind explains, we owe a great debt to Chinese couple Mr. and Mrs. Gock and their love of the kumara.

How Mr and Mrs Gock Saved the Kumara from Loading Docs on Vimeo.

We’ll be featuring more Loading Docs 2016 titles in the coming days. Funded by NZ On Air with support of The New Zealand Film Commission.

From Auckland Stream to Queen Street Sewer – A Must-Watch 3-Min Doco

Flicks Logo Red_web200pxBeing based in Auckland, the minions of are no strangers to the concrete jungle of Queen Street. But that ground we traverse daily once had a vastly different identity…

In their short documentary Waihorotiu, made as part of the Loading Docs initiative, directors Frances Haszard and Louis Olsen gorgeously visualise the history of the natural waterway that once flowed through Auckland and excellently capture the moodiness of its current state – an ugly consequence of contemporary urbanisation.

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This 3-Minute Doco on Auckland’s Crystal Palace Cinema is Superb and Vital

Flicks Logo Red_web200pxThe Crystal Palace, located on Auckland’s Mt Eden Road, is a national cinema treasure that has stood the test of time. This micro-documentary from Karl Sheridan and Robin Gee gives a great insight to the Palace’s history and importance to the community it grew, as well as the bleakness of its future…

Check out the video below, and visit Loading Docs for more.